BBC writersroom is always on the lookout for fresh, new, talented writers for a changing Britain. When we find them, we do everything we can to get their voice heard and their work produced for BBC film, TV and radio – for drama, comedy, and children’s programmes.



Bare Essentials – Encompass productions

Are you a writer with a piece of work you want to see realised? Want to see it performed at London’s best reviewed new writing night?Then Encompass Productions want you! Submissions are open for BARE ESSENTIALS, acclaimed events created to showcaseemerging and established theatrical talent. See your work staged by experienced professional actors and directors, all of whom have worked with Encompass who have been mounting productions and events since 2010. The next Bare Essentials performances are in Summer 2015 click here for info.


The Bike Shed Theatre,Exeter,opened with a new play and new writing is at the centre of the company’s work. The theatre is dedicated to producing at least three new plays a year and will also produce a number of plays as rehearsed readings. The company directors and literary manager are keen to meet with writers, as well as receiving scripts.

Please send scripts toscripts@bikeshedtheatre.co.uk. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to give feedback on everything that we receive, but all scripts will be read by our team of readers.


Birmingham Rep

Writer Developement


Box of Tricksis a new writing company committed to developing and producing the best new work around.


Bushgreen is for people in theatre to connect, collaborate and publish plays in innovative ways. Submit plays directly to The Bush for our team to read and consider for production.


The Courtyard, Hoxton

Our Literary Department is the first point of contact for writers who wish to have their work produced at the Courtyard Theatre. Working alongside the Literary Manager is a dedicated team of script readers. Every script that we receive is assessed and considered for further development and/or production at The Courtyard Theatre.


The Finborough Theatre, Londonactively seek playwrights who have moving and unusual insights into the nature of our social world, and whose theatrical voice and vision are unique. They welcome and encourage big, ambitious plays with large casts.


Frequency Theatre,Colchesterwill read 10/15 minute radio plays for production on their website.


Genesis New Writing Night

Described by Everything Theatre as an ‘evening spawning the next generation of fringe theatre stars’ Genesis New Writing Night takes place once a month, showcasing the best in new writing and theatre.

Free to enter, the audience are invited to provide feedback on each piece, helping writers progress and develop their work.

After a successful summer series we are now looking for new scripts for our autumn/winter nights. Scripts can be of any length and style, and we provide actors and a director.

Please send scripts as PDF’s with your name and contact details saved on the first page.

For more information or to submit scripts please contact Rachel on rachel@genesis-cinema.co.uk


Hampstead Theatreare looking for both brilliant plays and promising writers. We want to read plays that are unquestionably written for the theatre and plays that engage with the world we live in today.

We want new plays from writers of all ages. The writer need not be ‘young’ but if the voice is refreshing or bold or if the play is delivered with power or rigour, poetry or wit then we’ll take notice.

We also want to present the important stories and perspectives that you feel are not getting on to other stages.

Submission window – 1st July to 31st December


Liverpool – Everyman & Playhouse


The Oast Theatre – Kent

he Oast Theatre Tonbridge is launching an exciting scheme to offer new unpublished local playwrights the opportunity of having their plays performed, firstly as rehearsed readings before an audience in their studio, secondly to be entered for One Act Play festivals, and thirdly to be performed as a main theatre production. The submissions, would, of course have to go through a selection process.

The plays should be a maximum of 40 minutes and entries should be submitted by email only please to: mikemetcalf@hotmail.co.uk


Quids in Theatre Companyaprofessional theatre company in Aberdeen are putting together their programme for Lunchbox Theatre, held on the last Saturday of every month for 2014.

What to submit:A one act play lasting 40 min- 1 hour with 4 or less characters.

How to apply:Plays should be sent toinfo@quidsintheatrecompany.comand can be sent anytime as the need for plays is ongoing.


The Royal Courtwill read unsolicited scripts by new playwrights.



We know the importance of having the space to test things out, perform, get some feedback and create a dialogue between the artist and the audience.

If you have an idea, a bit of script, a bee in your bonnet that you need to stand up and try out, send us a submission. We can offer ten to fifteen minute slots – whether that’s a script you’d like us to cast and direct or an idea for a production that you create yourself, let us know, if it fits, we’ll fit you in.

Scrawl happens once a month at The Battersea Mess and Music Hall in Clapham Junction.If you have any work you would like to stand up and develop, send us an outline of your ideas that is no more than one page of A4atinfo@scrawnycat.co.uk


The Script Co. – U.S.A.

All scripts should be original works or adaptations whose original source material is currently in public domain.

• We accept submissions in all categories and are seeking both seasoned professionals and new playwrights. This includes musicals, non-musicals, skits, one acts, dramas, comedy, etc.


The Script Readers invite talented writers to submit your scripts to our reading panel. The panel assess these submissions and we then invite selected writers to hear their work at one of our monthly sessions. After the reading our members who include actors, writers and directors, share their feedback in an open discussion. Writers who have taken part in this process tell us it is both constructive and energising.



ScriptSpace is our monthly script-reading workshop which provides playwrights with an opportunity to have a work in progress read by professional actors.In addition to allowing the playwright to receive feedback on their work, a ScriptSpace session is also a networking opportunity for actors, directors, writers and producers.

If you would like to submit your script, send it as an attachment (either .pdf or .doc) in an email toscriptspace@space.org.ukwith “submission” as the subject title. Please bear in mind that due to the large number of scripts we receive, it may take us as long as 6 months to read your script and that there is no guarantee that we will select your script to be read at an upcoming ScriptSpace session.


Short and Sweet – International

The largest short play festival in the world seeks ten minute plays year round for festivals across Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, and as of 2016, Hollywood!
Short+Sweet Sydney script submissions are now open for 2016. Submit your script online and you could have your work performed at this or more of their international short play festivals!
Short+Sweet is a unique opportunity for new, emerging, and established artists to have their work performed onstage, partake in professional development opportunities, and professionally network, all while presenting their scripts in a risk-free professional production. International submissions welcome!


Shred Productions

Shred Productions is a theatre company based in the heart of Manchester. Since 2009 we have produced a number of award-winning and critically acclaimed new plays throughout the UK.

We are offering talented individuals a unique feedback package this year.Visit our Writers Page athttp://shredproductions.co.uk/writers/for more information about how you can engage with us and get high quality and bespoke feedback on your latest script.

Kate Bingham
Company Administrator
on behalf of the Shred Productions Team

We continue to search for the best new writing.


Soho Theatrehas established itself as a major new writing theatre and a writers’ development organisation of national significance.


Theatre503 actively sources work from many different places: writers, artists, companies, and agents. We also read unsolicited scripts.There is not an ideal ‘theatre503 play’ but our primary focus is original work from early career playwrights.


Aberdeen-based WACtheatre are an organisation set up specifically to produce new work and to create opportunities for writers and actors in North East Scotland, particularly around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. They welcome unsolicited scripts from Scottish writers and have a very helpful submissions page.


The British Comedy Guide

It’s worth keeping an eye on the Writing Opportunities page of the British Comedy Guide. It has lots of random stuff on it, some big and some small. Too much for me to keep track of.



Next Best Page

The aim of Next Best Page is toproduce a highly collaborative andinnovative piece of theatre by uniting 52 voices totell onestory over 2011.



Everyone has the right is a rolling script submission service (ie there is no deadline) for plays with human rights at their heart.



Free, on-line screen writing courseis being offered by University College, Falmouth.



Where to submit your script

Because I’m lazy I’m going to direct you to the London Comedy Writersexcellentpage which has lots of lovely information for you.


In America you can find The Playwright’s Centerwebsite with a great opportunities page.

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