The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (2023)

The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (1)


Swords are some of the coolest cultural artefacts that have survived long after the end of traditional Viking culture. Even today, the Norse spirit is strong, so many people are trying to connect with their cultural heritage, celebrate the past or have a cool, offbeat wedding, and so many people are getting married with Viking swords. So what are the top blades for a Viking to get married?

A Brief On Vikings

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Via: Britannica.

The Viking Age lasted from 793 - 1066 AD when Norsemen undertook large-scale migrations, raiding, colonizing, conquest, and trading throughout Europe and, by some sources, even North America. They settled in many places they reached, including the British Isles, intermixing with other cultures and leaving their mark on the language and culture of the nations.

The Norse are known today for raiding Christian monasteries like Lindisfarne. However, there was more to their culture than that. You’ve heard of Odin and Thor, but did you know they were Norse gods? Their gods and mythologies were vast and complex, impacting today’s western culture. But, they were also ordinary people just wanting to better their lives, explore, and establish trade groups.

Viking Sword Types

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There are many different types of Viking swords, and we have no text from the time to give us a list of every sword variant. However, two basic types have been coined, with regional and size variations depending on where and who made the blade. You can see from the above graph that the hilt, handle and pommel most often define the sword type (although the blade is also important).

  • Merovingian sword (4th - 7th century AD)

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Vikings migrated from their Norse homeland to various parts of Europe during European history's Migration and Merovingian periods. During this time, they loved their Merovingian Sword type present in the archaeological record from the 4th to 7th centuries.

On average, the sword’s blade was 70 - 80 cm in length with a shallow fuller (blade groove), with bands of pattern-welding and minimal taper. In addition, the blade’s tang was short, slotting into a handle made of organic materials like wood or leather. Finally, the crossguard (between the blade and handle) and pommel (butt of handle) varied drastically from ornamental to practical and minimal.

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  • Carolingian sword (7th - 10th century AD)

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The late Viking sword had longer blades than before (on average 100 cm), there were double-edged and a slight taper to counteract the heavier blades. In addition, blades had rounder points, still effective for stabbing and more robust. So what about the handle? There were variations early on as there were later, but a glance shows that the crossguard became more curved over time and pommels adopted straighter or curved designs.

Famous Viking Swords

  • Ulferht Swords
  • The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (7)

    Via: Ulfberht swords.

    This group of 170 swords found in Northern Europe is dated from the 9th century to the 11th century, originating from the Rhineland region and Frankish tribes. Each of these blades has the inscription Ulfberht. Most of these blades have been found in Scandinavia and the Baltics, related to the Late Viking Age.

  • The Sæbø sword
  • Via: Sæbø sword.

    This sword is an early 9th-century Viking sword excavated from a barrow in Sæbø, Vikøyri, in Norway's Sogn region. The blade has an inscription inverted as a runic swastika blade inspection, which, if true, would be the only example of its kind. This rune is sometimes attributed to Norse gods like Odin or Thor or attributed to a weapon to give the user good luck.

  • Sword of Saint Stephen
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    The sword of Saint Stephen is a holy relic forged in Jutland or Gotland and is held in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. It was given to the first crowned king of Hungary in 1020 AD, King Stephen, on the day he ascended to the throne. On its side is the inscription ULFBERNA, which makes it one of the 170 Ulfberht swords listed above, and its pommel is made of ivory.

  • Cawood Sword
  • The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (9)

    Via: Yorkshire Museum.

    Considered one of the best preserved Viking swords to be uncovered from the ground, the Late Viking weapon (1100 AD) from River Ouse in North Yorkshire. This sword has a phrase that cannot be read, written in Latin on one side of the blade, and Lombardic on the other. However, archaeologists are sure the expression was religious and gave the holder strength in battle.

    Viking Weddings and The Role of Swords

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    Like how large TVs are the pride and joy of house owners, great swords were the most precious items a man could own during the age of Vikings. Thus, they were closely linked to rites of passage, including getting married when swords played central roles. So how did swords help unite lovers?

    The Vikings, the Norse, were a culture full of love and peace, seen in their tight wedding rituals and family clans. Norse people carried distinct Viking sword types, which were not just crucial for leading their victories. Swords were also important for Viking weddings would be exchanged, much like a dowry, between a man and a woman. A groom would wear their best sword, sometimes a family sword, as a sign of pride and identity as a young man.

    Modern-Day Viking Sword Smiths

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    Via: Northmen Guild.

    When looking into that top sword for a Viking wedding, many great blacksmiths uphold traditions with modern blades made in the Viking sword style. You can purchase from their collection, following old manuals and through years of serving customers like yourself. They are also open to commissions and always to trying to create the best products.

    Check out:

    Five of the Best Viking Sword Types

    So you have secured yourself a smith, but you’re just not sure what would be the best Viking sword for your wedding. We have picked five of our favorites to get you started following the typology based on the handle of Viking blades.

    Type F Viking Sword (800 - 850).

    The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (12)

    The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (13)

      Via: Swords.

      Type G Viking Sword (790 - 850).

      The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (14)

      The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (15)

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      Via: Swords.

      Type P Viking Sword (850 - 975).

      The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (16)

      The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (17)

        Via: Swords.

        Type A Viking Viking Sword (700 - 810).

        The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (18)

        The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (19)

          Via: Swords.

          Type U Viking Sword (900 - 1000).

          The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (20)

          The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (21)

            Via: Swords.

            A Wedding Ring to go with the Perfect Viking Sword

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            Via: Thorum.

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            When getting married like a Viking, you also need the perfect wedding ring to get hitched! A ring that embodies the Norse spirit is a great way to achieve this, and by looking at these rings from our ring collection, you may accomplish these goals.

            The Norseman Set

            The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (23)

            The Norseman set is specifically designed to go hand-in-hand with a Viking wedding and will look fantastic with whatever blade accompanies you to the altar. Not only that, you can get a pair to match with your partner, and you can impress your friends with the rich oak contours paired with a ceramic band.

            The Freya Set

            The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (24)

            Freya will be at your side, giving you her goodwill in the strength of your blade arm and the beautiful bands of hammered rose gold to bring you and your love together in a union to face the trials of life together. You will be tied not just by shared hearts, hands tied by rope, but by matching, rings made of robust gold tungsten carbide.

            The Odin

            The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (25)

            Do you want something more robust and commanding to reflect the perfect sheen of your naked blade? Then The Odin is an excellent companion to have at your side. One of three gods of war in Norse mythology, Odin is a powerful way to bring the deity close to your side as he stands by you during life’s trials. The perfect way to tie the knot with the all-father’s blessing.

            The Baldur

            The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (26)

            Bring joy and light into your life at the start of your marriage with the artifact of blessings from Baldur. The refractions of light from this simple black tungsten carbide ring reflect the subtle mystique and power of illuminance that allows life to flourish and see the beauty of the world around us. This hardy ring will be the perfect ring to go with a Viking sword to get married.

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            Final Remarks: The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married

            The Top Sword for a Viking to Get Married (27)


            When it comes to finding the top sword for a Viking to get married, this whole process can be confusing at times but is a fun, and rewarding experience with you get that blade in your hands. Like your wedding ring, this blade will be a lifetime guarantee as you make this next step in your life to commit your heart to your partner. It will be exciting and confusing and a little scary, but with a great sword and ring, you can face these challenges unafraid.

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            What is the sword exchange in Viking wedding? ›

            Viking wedding ceremony

            The groom would present an ancestral sword to his bride, with the intention for it to be passed on to future sons. The bride would also gift the groom an ancestral sword to symbolise the transfer of a father's protection of a bride to the husband.

            What is the wedding sword tradition? ›

            A saber arch is a wedding tradition in which sabers or swords are used to salute a newly married couple. The bride and groom pass under an honorary arch of sabers, typically when exiting the building in which the wedding ceremony took place. The tradition is in use worldwide.

            What is the most famous Viking sword? ›

            Fashioned using a process unknown to the Vikings' rivals, the Ulfberht sword was a revolutionary high-tech blade as well as a work of art. Considered by some to be one of the greatest swords ever made, it remains a fearsome weapon more than a millennium after it last saw battle.

            What is a Viking sword called? ›

            Ulfberht swords
            Lengthavg. 91 cm (36 in)
            Width5 cm (2 in)
            Blade typeDouble-edged, straight bladed, slight taper
            Hilt typeOne-handed with pommel, variable guard
            8 more rows

            Did Vikings propose with swords? ›

            That's right– some Viking families had a tradition of giving a sword to their intended instead of a ring. That's way more metal than a ring and we here at AleHorn fully support it. The Vikings revered the words of their skalds.

            What do Vikings do for weddings? ›

            Celebrating Viking wedding ceremonies

            Religious ceremonies could frequently include blood and sacrifice. The Gothi (the person responsible for the wedding), would often sacrifice a sow (cow) to Freyja. The bride and groom would also exchange swords, as well as rings.

            What did Viking brides wear? ›

            Traditionally, brides didn't wear white for Viking wedding ceremonies, but usually wore a long flowing dress of any colour with ruffles. Bearing in mind that Viking weddings were outdoors, they often wore plenty of layers beneath the dress plus a fur-lined cloak over the top.

            What is the point of a 9 ring sword? ›

            9 Ring broadsword (Jiu Huan Dao), made of a metal alloy, recommended for training, competition and exhibitions. This broadsword is a traditional and popular Chinese weapon originated from the Qing dynasty, used to block and trap the attack of the swords of the enemies amongst the rings and to cause distraction.

            What is the ceremonial sword called? ›

            Swords, called afena by the Asante, evolved from use as formidable weapons to ceremonial objects by the 18th and 19th century. Elaborate decoration and gold-leaf on afena were used to show the difference in standing among men at the ruler—the Asantehene—of the Asante's court.

            What is the most legendary sword? ›

            1. Excalibur: The Most Famous Legendary Sword. Arthur Pendragon, ruler of the Britons, was said to have drawn this legendary sword from a stone and anvil when no one else could — at least in most tellings of the legend.

            What is the most superior sword? ›

            The katana is known throughout the world as being a superior sword with an unparalleled level of strength and versatility. Originating in feudal Japan, it's been around for centuries.

            What does a Viking sword mean? ›

            Viking sword, however, was the weapon for the elite group of the Vikings. It was the symbol of wealth and power, especially political power. Anyone in the Viking Age who could own a sword for themselves was either a great warrior or a man with high social rank.

            What was a Vikings favorite weapon? ›

            The spear was the most common weapon of the Viking warrior. They consisted of metal heads with a blade and a hollow shaft, mounted on wooden shafts of two to three metres in length, and was typically made from ash wood.

            What was ragnars sword called? ›

            Sæbø sword
            MaterialIron and steel, with iron inlays on blade.
            Size95 cm total length (78 cm blade)
            Discovered1825; Sæbø, Vik, Sogn
            3 more rows

            How do Vikings get married? ›

            A marriage was arranged in two stages: the betrothal and the wedding. The initiative had to come from the man or his father, who would make the proposal of marriage to the woman's father or guardian. If the latter was agreeable, the groom promised to pay the bride-price (mundr).

            What is the Viking symbol for love and marriage? ›

            What is the Viking symbol for marriage? The Valknut symbol is typically associated with marriage, as it was often used in wedding rings and other jewelry. The three interlocked triangles make up the Valknut, a Norse symbol that has been found on tombs from the Viking Age (800-1050 AD).

            What did Vikings call their lovers? ›

            Elskan, elskan mín, also ástin/ástin mín = My love, my darling. Mín-ending adds some weight to the word, but it can also be used to berate someone and can even sound patronizing.

            Can Vikings have multiple wives? ›

            Marriage And Other Forms Of Cohabitation

            Sagas and runic inscriptions show that families were formed by monogamous marriages. A man may have had relationships, and children, with several women, but when he died, only one wife was acknowledged.

            What is a Viking marriage called? ›

            Viking weddings, also known as Norse weddings, united not only the bride and groom, but it allied both of their families.

            Did Vikings take wives? ›

            Viking women married young—as early as 12 years old. By the age of 20, virtually all men and women were married. Life expectancy was about 50 years, but most died long before reaching 50.

            Did Vikings wear bra? ›

            The bras were often made of metal and until now scientists had thought they were used as collar-bone protection. But it is now clear these pads were worn much further down by female Vikings, according to the work in Birka, Sweden's oldest Viking centre.

            What age did Viking girls marry? ›

            Women tended to marry between the ages of 12 and 15, and families negotiated to arrange those marriages, but the woman usually had a say in the arrangement. If a woman wanted a divorce, she had to call witnesses to her home and marriage bed, and declare in front of them that she had divorced her husband.

            What are Viking ladies called? ›


            Women that fought were in the Norse literature called vakyries or shield-maidens (skjoldsmøyer). There were several kinds of female warriors.

            What is Diana's sword called? ›

            The Sword of Athena is a magically-empowered sword wielded by Wonder Woman in battle, replacing the God Killer sword after the latter was destroyed by Ares.

            What is a 1095 sword? ›

            1095 Steel – Hardness of Steel Premium Quality. 1095 steel is among the most favored materials to make a Samurai sword. This carbon steel has a high value due to its extreme hardness and edge retention. This is based on the hardness test as stated on a number on the Rockwell C scale or HRC.

            What is a +1 sword? ›

            A +1 sword is the statistical way of describing a sword infused with magic. This magic resonates with the wielder to increase accuracy and effectiveness in combat. Magic swords will have a distinct aura of magic around them that even an ordinary citizen may recognize upon holding it.

            What are the 4 holy swords? ›

            • 1.1 Caliburn.
            • 1.2 Excalibur.
            • 1.3 Durandal.
            • 1.4 Ascalon.

            Which is the sword of God? ›

            The sixth piece of armor that Paul discusses in Ephesians 6 is the sword of the spirit, which represents the Word of God. For a Roman soldier, the sword served as an offensive weapon against enemies. When sharpened, the sword could pierce through just about anything, making it a very dangerous tool.

            What is bastard sword called? ›

            The French épée de passot was also known as épée bâtarde (i.e., bastard sword) and also coustille à croix (literally a cross-hilted blade). The term referred to a medieval single-handed sword optimized for thrusting.

            What are the four swords of power? ›

            Swords of Power: Excalibur, Gryffindor, Anduril, and Lightbringer.

            Which sword is unbreakable? ›

            The Master Sword is unique in that it's the only unbreakable weapon in the game.

            What is the legendary sword? ›

            Legendary Sword on Steam. This is the first person medieval RPG game, where you can experience the open world. Become a farmer, breed livestock, go out hunting in the sun, sneak into the castle at night as a thief, or bring your best weapons and armor to resist the invasion of the enemy. Finally, take the booty home.

            What is the strongest great sword? ›

            Elden Ring: What is the Best Greatsword?
            • Dark Moon Greatsword. ...
            • Sacred Relic Sword. xGarbett. ...
            • Ordovis's Greatsword. The Great Orange. ...
            • Bloodhound's Fang. Type: Curved Greatsword. ...
            • Gargoyle's Blackblade. Zombiie. ...
            • Gargoyle's Greatsword. Gaming with Abyss. ...
            • Greatsword. Type: Colossal Sword. ...
            • Marais Executioner's Sword. Type: Greatsword.
            Mar 10, 2022

            What is the best intelligence sword? ›

            Elden Ring: 12 Best Intelligence Weapons
            • 8 Royal Greatsword.
            • 7 Glintstone Kris.
            • 6 Starscourge Greatsword.
            • 5 Sword of St. Trina.
            • 4 Death's Poker.
            • 3 Wing of Astel.
            • 2 Dark Moon Greatsword.
            • 1 Moonveil.
            Nov 13, 2022

            What does exchanging of swords mean? ›

            To the Vikings, however, the exchanging of swords at weddings symbolized the transfer of protection between the groom's and the bride's family. They would each exchange ancient swords from their own family. Furthermore, it united the two families that were now responsible for supporting and protecting one another.

            What is the significance of the sword in Vikings? ›

            Swords as gifts and offerings

            Not all Viking warriors had a sword; they were prestige weapons. Swords were highly valued objects and could be handed down from generation to generation. They were also given as gifts to people of high status in order to stay on good terms with them.

            What is the significance of Freydis sword? ›

            Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson) is gifted a special sword in Vikings: Valhalla and the weapon holds an important meaning connected to the Seer's prophecy in episode 5, “Miracle.” While some characters are having a crisis of faith, the conflict that arises in Valhalla only strengthens Freydis' belief in the pagan ...

            What does a Viking sword symbolize? ›

            Viking sword, however, was the weapon for the elite group of the Vikings. It was the symbol of wealth and power, especially political power. Anyone in the Viking Age who could own a sword for themselves was either a great warrior or a man with high social rank.

            What is 7 of swords? ›

            Common interpretation

            The Seven of Swords, when upright, means to use your wits for diplomacy and not to use aggression. This is why it can be viewed as secret planning or hidden dishonor. Your acts may be legitimate. However, you prefer to use your mind and intellect rather than force or via obvious means.

            What does 3 swords tattoo mean? ›

            Designed by Miss Pokes Tattoo. Three of Swords reversed represents overcoming unhappiness, heartache, sorrow, and sadness. When reversed, it is a Minor Arcana card of optimism, overcoming grief or depression and releasing pain.

            What does an upside down sword mean? ›

            The obelisk prominently features an inverted sword referring to Solomon's military service. When the sword points downward, tip toward the ground, it symbolizes the handing over of power and victory.

            What was the most important weapon for the Vikings? ›

            The spear was the most common weapon of the Viking warrior. They consisted of metal heads with a blade and a hollow shaft, mounted on wooden shafts of two to three metres in length, and was typically made from ash wood.

            What does the sword say at the end of Vikings? ›

            The Sword of Bishop Headmund is long, with a gold-coloured hilt etched with the word "Ananyzapata'' which is an epigraph meaning "Cursed be the devil by the baptisim of John." The pommel of the sword is adorned with a large precious stone set with gold.

            What does Bjorn's sword say? ›

            It said, 'Bjorn Ironside' in Nordic engraved in the sword.

            Was Freydis a real Viking? ›

            Those tensions were real, but Freydís's journey is a fabrication – or at the very least, one that is impossible to verify. All we know of her comes from the Vinland sagas. If she even existed, there is no evidence that she journeyed to Scandinavia.

            Is Freydis in Vikings a god? ›

            Frøydis or Freydis is a Norwegian female first name. It is from the Norse god Frøya's name and dís (goddess).

            What is Freydis in Vikings? ›

            Yes, Freydís was a strong Viking warrior, and the sister of Leif Erickson, children of Erik the Red (who was the founder of the first European installment on Greenland). That much remains similar to the storyline used in the show. However, Freydís' personality and achievements remain quite a mystery.


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