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It's coming out in 2023!

Author: Emma DoddsPublished 15th Nov 2022

Fans have been waiting a long time for Lewis Capaldi's follow-up to his debut album 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent', and we finally have an update from the singer himself! After teasing that he had "huge news" to share, Lewis revealed on 18th October the release date and name of his second album.

We can now expect to hear 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ on 19th May 2023 as well as getting the chance to see Lewis perform live at several dates around the UK in January and February!

This exciting update comes after he delayed his tour and revealed he had been "too lazy" to finish his album. Lewis spoke to fans just before his headline set at Latitude festival, admitting: "I just want to say now, I have no new music to play you. I rescheduled a lot of shows last year because I was like, ‘Guys, I need to finish my new album’. And I was supposed to do it, but I am horribly lazy."

However, ahead of the news about his album coming out, he did release the first song from it, called 'Forget Me', on 9th September.

What is Lewis Capaldi's new album called?

After joking with fans about what his new record might be called, Lewis officially revealed that his second album is called 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’.

When is Lewis Capaldi's second album coming out?

In an update on 18th October, Lewis revealed that his second album will be released on 19th May 2023, and it is available to pre-order now.

This was an amazing update for fans who have been waiting for the album to be released for quite some time! Back in 2020, Lewis hinted that the album could be released in 2021, but when it still hadn't come out by July 2022, he admitted he'd been "too lazy" to finish it.

Following the release of 'Forget Me', Lewis joked with fans about the release of more songs, saying he wouldn't be bringing out any more music unless the single did well. Thankfully the song was a huge success and he even teased on Instagram Stories that more songs would be released before the full album comes out.

What formats is 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ available on?

The album is available to pre-order now on CD, Vinyl and Cassette, and at the time of the announcement Lewis also had 2,000 signed copies available. The signed CDs sold out within a few hours of going on sale.

Is Lewis Capaldi releasing a song with Ed Sheeran?

He is! After Ed previously revealed that the two had written a song together during lockdown, Lewis shared some more details of what we can expect. He shared that the track is a love song called 'Pointless' and it will be part of his upcoming album.

How did Lewis Capaldi announce 'Forget Me'?

In a move that seems to be a trend nowadays, Lewis deleted all of his posts from his Instagram page, which is now commonly thought to be a move celebs make when they are about to release new music.

On top of that, he also directed fans to his TikTok page on 2nd September 2022.

Then, on 2nd September he revealed the name and release date for a new song called 'Forget Me'. Lewis told fans this is his first new music in three years and it would be released on 9th September. The accompanying music video then came out on 12th September.

Watch 'Forget Me' by Lewis Capaldi:

Lewis later shared 'a stripped down version of ‘𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙢𝙚’ ' with fans which is a contrast to the hilarious music video, showing just Lew, his amazing vocals and his guitar.

Watch the acoustic version of Lewis Capaldi's 'Forget Me':

How did Lewis Capaldi promote his song 'Forget Me'?

As well as clearing out his social media pages to prepare for the song's promotion, Lewis also took a comedic approach to getting the word out. He shared one of the song's lyrics alongside a picture of him in his pants on billboards across the world.

Reflecting on it, he joked that he would be very embarrassed if the song didn't do well after going all out on the promotion.

When a fan asked if he ever thought about doing karaoke in a pub, he cryptically said that he might be doing it that night.

As it happened, he did actually appear in bar in Glasgow to perform his new song as part of their open mic night.

Did Lewis Capaldi postpone his tour?

In March 2021 Lewis broke his social media silence of a few months, with a lengthy statement.

He announced he would be postponing his tour and explained his decision to do so: 'I'd be lying if I said I haven't been terrified about making my next album since the moment I finished 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent'! I've been writing loads of tunes I'm really excited about and I can't wait for you to hear them.

'I really want to make sure whatever I put out next is the absolute best it can be, partly for my own sanity, cause I'm going to have to sing these songs every night for the next few years on tour, but ultimately for all of you who made the first album everything it was...

'Despite having all this extra time to write, all the COVID restrictions have made it harder to go and record the stuff I've been working on or even be around all the people I loved working with on the first album. For that reason, it's with an extremely heavy heart that I've made the difficult decision to reschedule this year's shows and put all my effort into making the best album I can for you.'

He added: 'All of the new dates confirmed so far are on the image with this post and I'm doing all I can to get the rest back in as soon as possible. I hate the thought of letting anyone down, especially after the year we've just had but I know that, more than anything, getting the album right has to be my number one priority at the moment. I hope you understand.

'I'm really sorry I won't be out there with you this year but I'll be back in 2022 with new music and a sh-t load of shows in as many places as I can possibly get to across the world.'

Is Lewis Capaldi going on tour?

He is! After previously postponing his tour, Lewis announced several performances for 2023. With dates across the UK, Lewis will perform arena shows in January and February. Considering his previous tour broke so many world records, the tour is set to be huge!

You can get tickets to see Lewis Capaldi from Friday 28th October from Aloud.com

When did Lewis Capaldi go on a social media break?

This came after Lewis previously spoke out about the album in January 2021, announcing that his second album would be making an appearance in 2021. After such an incredible 2019, life come to a bit of a halt for Lewis during the global pandemic in 2020, but the singer admitted he was quitting social media to work on it.

Taking to Twitter to confirm the news, Lewis released a statement which read: 'Honestly been the most incredible few years and it means the world to have the support of all of you.

'Going to f--k off for a wee bit now to crack on and finish the second album. Wont be using any social media so you’1ll all have to make do without me talking s---e and constantly trying to take your money by flogging you something.'

He added: 'Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you big lovely b------s later in the year with some new music that I imagine will be universally panned by critics and will fail to be as commercially successful as my last outing.

'Thus spelling the beginning of the end of the 15 minutes of fame that quite frankly, I never deserved in the first place.


How many songs are on 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’?

While Lewis initially said he had 11 songs for the album, he has since said there will be 12 songs.

In 2020, during a Q&A with his fans to raise money for charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Lewis said: "I have 11 songs for the new album now. Hopefully it will be out at some point next year."

He also added: "Writing a follow-up to this big guy has been equal parts difficult and rewarding. Most of the time when I was making the first album I felt like I was making an a*** of it. I felt I was doubting myself. You feel terrible and I don’t think people talk about how bad you feel."

What is the track list for 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’?

As well as his hit song 'Forget Me', the album will include the song 'Pointless' with Ed Sheeran as well as the tracks 'Wish You The Best', and 'Haven't You Ever Benn In Love Before'.

Where did Lewis Capaldi record his new album?

Lewis revealed in an interview with BBC News that he skipped the professional studio for some of the album, opting to record in an AirBnB in Glasgow instead. Explaining the choice, he said: "In an expensive studio, I'm like, 'Uh-oh, here we go,' and my anxiety starts kicking in. It's hard not to feel like there's time on the clock when you can see where all the money's going.

"But also, what's the point in going into these fancy studios when the first record did quite well without all that stuff? I just wanted everything to be chilled."

Are there any collaborations on Lewis Capaldi's second album?

We now know that Ed Sheeran will appear on the new album with their song 'Pointless'. As well as this, Lewis has already written a song with his One Direction BFF Niall Horan, so perhaps they'll finally let us hear it!

WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Reveals He's Already Written A Song With His BFF Niall Horan

What kind of songs are on Lewis Capaldi's new album?

While Lewis has kept quiet about the songs on his upcoming second album, he did reveal to a fan on Twitter that it would include some ballads.

What is the album cover for Lewis Capaldi's 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ album?

When he announced the album's name, Lewis also shared the album's artwork which you can see below! There are also T-shirts and other merch with the design available to pre-order through Lewis' shop.

Scroll through to see Lewis Capaldi's biggest career moments so far:

Career beginnings

Lewis learned to play the drums and guitar when he was just two-years-old, and started off singing in pubs at the age of nine. At 17, he decided to pursue a full-time career in music, and was discovered by his manager through his SoundCloud account.

2017: 'Bloom EP'

Lewis released his first EP 'Bloom' in October 2017, having worked on it with producer Malay and released 'Bruises' in March that year. He was then signed to Universal Music Group, and was long-listed for BBC's Sound of Music 2018, later supporting Rag'n'Bone Man on his European tour in November 2017.

2018: Supporting Niall Horan

After supporting Rag'n'Bone Man, Lewis came to the attention of former One Direction star Niall Horan. The pair became friends and Lewis joined him as a support act for his 'Flicker World Tour' in March 2018, before going on tour as support for Sam Smith two months later.

May 2019: The toilet brush incident

We caught up with Lewis in May 2019, and he explained the story behind the toilet brush incident from his Snapchat Story... "I wouldn't lie about that! You should have seen me when I walked into the toilet and saw what I left myself in the night, it was like a dirty Santa Claus. There are some weird people on Hollywood Boulevard, people getting photos and stuff with me, a plunger in hand."

Summer 2018: Festival appearances

Lewis took to the stage at various music festivals in the summer of 2018, playing Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Reading & Leeds Festival and TRNSMT. He also supported Kodaline in August 2018.

November 2018: 'Breach' EP

Lewis released his second EP 'Breach' in November 2018, containing songs 'Grace' and 'Someone You Loved', which became Lewis' breakthrough single and was Number 1 in the UK for seven weeks.

2019: Debut album and BRIT Awards

Lewis released his debut album 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent' in May 2019, and it became the best-selling UK album in five years. He was nominated for the hugely coveted Critics' Choice Award at the BRITs 2019, which has now been renamed to the Rising Star Award, and was won in 2019 by Sam Fender.

August 2019: Elton John

Elton and Lewis became firm friends, and Lewis shared this super-cute photo of himself and Elton having lunch together.

2019: Headline tour

The album was certified Gold two weeks after the album was released. Lewis' tour was announced before the release of his album, and he became the first artist ever to sell out an arena tour before his debut album was released.

2019: 'Someone You Loved'

In October 2019, 'Someone You Loved' reached Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, which made him the first Scottish solo artist to top the US chart since 1981. The video for the song was released two months beforehand, and starred actor Peter Capaldi - who is a distant cousin of Lewis'. The singer was also announced as the opening act for Niall Horan's 'Nice to Meet Ya Tour', which will start in April 2020. In December 2019, Lewis recruited celebrities all over the world to help make a hilarious video to his song 'Bruises'.

January 2020: Grammy Awards

He was nominated at the Grammy Awards 2020 for the category of Song of the Year for 'Someone You Loved', unfortunately losing out to Billie Eilish for 'Bad Guy'. Lewis also had a hilarious moment at the Grammys in January, taking to Twitter with the story that he'd been mistaken for a seat filler!

When his ex-girlfriend Paige Turley went into the Love Island villa, reports surfaced that his song 'Someone You Loved' was about her - but Lewis revealed it was about his late grandmother.

2020: Justin Bieber and Lewis become BFFs

Taking to Twitter in January, Lewis treated his fans to one of his classic selfies - something we all love him for - and wrote the caption, 'I've decided that I'm equally as handsome as Shawn Mendes and Bieber.'

Justin then actually replied, saying, 'You are', before Lewis retweeted it and wrote, 'Bieber approved'.

February 2020: BRIT Awards

Lewis was nominated for four awards at the BRITs 2020: Male Solo Artist, Best New Artist, Song of the Year for 'Someone You Loved' and Album of the Year for 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent'. He went on to win Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

January 2021: Social media break

In January 2021, Lewis announced he would be taking a break from social media to focus on creating his second album, the follow up to 2019's 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent'.

March 2021: Lewis gives second album update

Lewis broke his social media silence in March 2021 to reflect on the previous year. He also announced he would be rescheduling his tour to 2022 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

2022: Lewis Capaldi returns to performing live

After a break from live performances for two years, Lewis got back on stage at Parklife in Manchester in June 2022. The following week, he headlined at Isle of Wight festival, which was his first time ever headlining a festival.

The Scottish singer also headlined TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow and Latitude festival.

August 2022: Lewis teases an upcoming announcement

Although he had previously disclaimed to fans that he was 'too lazy' to finish his second album, Lewis got us all talking when he teased some sort of announcement on his TikTok, happening on 2nd September 2022.

It turned out to be the announcement of his new single 'Forget Me' which he played for the first time to fans at his show at London's O2 Arena before revealing that the full song would come out on 9th September.

September 2022: Lewis Capaldi releases 'Forget Me'

Following his exciting song teaser, Lewis released his new track on 9th September. It is the first single to come from his second album and is the first music he has released in three years.

He said of the song: 'This is it… My first new music in nearly 3 years. Couldn't be more nervous! This is... 'Forget Me' 🥀' before taking to his Instagram Stories to thank fans for their support.

On 12th September, he also released a music video for the song which he described as being his: "Favourite video that has ever been made by anybody ever". Fans of Wham! might think the music video looks familiar, as it is a recreation of their 'Club Tropicana' video.

October 2022: Lewis Capaldi announces album release date and tour

In the update we were all waiting for, Lewis Capaldi revealed that his second album is called 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent' and will be released on 19th May 2023.

He went on to reveal that the album will include a love song with Ed Sheeran called 'Pointless'.

That's not all, as he also surprised fans with the announcement of a tour! He'll be playing several shows across the UK in January and February 2023.

October 2022: Lewis films documentary with Niall Horan

Lewis and Niall Horan are good friends and fans have been eagerly hoping for a collab between the two. While they haven't released a song together, they have created a documentary travelling around Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Called Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar, the documentary was released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 21st October and follows their road-trip and visit Niall's hometown Mullingar.

You can hear Lewis Capaldi's biggest hits on the Hits Radio playlist!

NOW WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Responds To Fan Tweets About Himself

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