A Long List of Short Baby Girl Names (135 Names) | Peanut (2023)

When you become a mama, one of your first responsibilities is to choose your little one’s name. Why not keep it simple with something short and sweet?

A Long List of Short Baby Girl Names (135 Names) | Peanut (1)


Short baby girl names are always popular with parents, especially if your last name is long or you want a name that’s going to be easy for your new baby’s sibling to pronounce. And as a bonus, short names are easier to learn how to spell, so your child might be writing their name in no time.

We’ve got 135 names on our list. They’re snappy, memorable, full of meaning, and represent countries from around the world. Take a look and see if any of these catch your eye.

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What are some short girl names?

Here are some of the most popular short names for girls:


  1. **Abby: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘my father’s joy’.
  2. **Alice: Of English origin meaning ‘noble and kind’.
  3. **Amy: A Latin name meaning ‘beloved’.
  4. **Ann, Anne, Anna: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gracious’ or ‘God has favored me’.
  5. **Cara: Of Latin origin meaning ‘dear’.
  6. **Charlie: A short version of the French feminine form of Charles, meaning ‘petite’.
  7. **Cindy: A Greek name for ‘moon’.
  8. **Claire: A Latin name meaning ‘bright’
  9. **Ella: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘other Goddess’.
  10. Elsa: A form of Elisabeth meaning ‘consecrated to God’.
  11. Emma: A German name meaning ‘whole or universal’.
  12. Jenna: Of English origin meaning ‘fair spirit’.
  13. Jolie: Of French origin meaning ‘pretty’.
  14. Kate, Katie, Katy, Kathy: Of English origin meaning ‘pure’.
  15. Kelly: A German name meaning ‘farm by the spring’.
  16. Kerry: The Celtic form of Carol.
  17. Liv: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘defense’.
  18. Liz: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my oath’.
  19. Mila: Slavic for ‘gracious’.
  20. Mina: A German name meaning ‘love’.
  21. Misha: A Russian form of Michelle meaning ‘who is like God?’.
  22. Nika: A Greek name meaning ‘victory’.
  23. Olga: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘blessed’
  24. Rhea: A Greek name meaning ‘river’.
  25. Rio: A Spanish name meaning ‘river’.
  26. Sana: An Arabic name meaning ‘brilliance’.
  27. Sandy: Of Greek origin meaning ‘protector’.
  28. Sol: A Spanish name for the sun.
  29. Tara: A Celtic name meaning ‘tower or crag’.
  30. Tora: A Japanese name meaning ‘tiger’.
  31. Vera: A Latin name meaning ‘true’.
  32. Xing: A Chinese name meaning ‘star’.
  33. Xiu: A Chinese name meaning ‘elegant’.
  34. Zoe: Of Greek origin meaning ‘life’.
  35. Zofi: Of Greek origin meaning ‘wisdom’.

What are some cute short names?

What are the cutest girl names? Short sweet girl names that’s what! They’re pretty, strong, and just perfect for your little bundle.

(Video) Girl Names in English - Most Popular Female Names for Baby Girls

  1. Ally: Of Greek origin meaning ‘noble, bright, or famous’.
  2. Anya: The Russian form of Anna meaning ‘gracious’.
  3. April: The fourth month of the year.
  4. Ari: An Arabic name meaning ‘brings rain’.
  5. Asia: Of Greek origin meaning ‘east’.
  6. Ava: A Latin name meaning ‘to live’.
  7. Bree: Of Irish origin meaning ‘noble’.
  8. Brooke: Of English origin meaning ‘stream’.
  9. Daisy: An English flower name.
  10. Dawn: The start of a new day.
  11. Devi: An Indian name meaning ‘goddess’.
  12. Eden: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘paradise’.
  13. Enid: A Welsh name for ‘soul’ or ‘life.’
  14. Eva: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘life’.
  15. Gia: Of Italian origin meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  16. Hana: A Japanese name meaning ‘flower’.
  17. Hera: Of Greek origin meaning ‘queen’.
  18. Isla: A Scottish name meaning ‘island’.
  19. Jana: Of Slavic origin meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’.
  20. Jia: A Chinese name meaning ‘family or kin’.
  21. Joy: Of Latin origin meaning ‘happiness’.
  22. Juno: Of Latin origin meaning ‘queen of heaven’. Juno was the Roman mythology equivalent of Hera, wife of Zeus. If you love mythology, try our list of Greek names too.
  23. Kodi: An American name meaning ‘helpful’.
  24. Kuri: A Japanese name meaning ‘chestnut’.
  25. Lexi: Of Greek origin meaning ‘defender of man’.
  26. Liza: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God’s oath’.
  27. Lola: Of Spanish origin meaning ‘strong woman’.
  28. Luna: This is Latin for moon.
  29. Luz: Of Spanish origin meaning ‘light’.
  30. Maddie: An old English name meaning ‘woman from Magdala’.
  31. May: A Latin name meaning ‘great’ or the fifth month of the year.
  32. Maya: A Sanskrit name for ‘illusion’.
  33. Mia: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘dear’.
  34. Myla: Of English origin, Myla means ‘soldier’.
  35. Nala: Of African origin meaning ‘successful’.
  36. Nava: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘lovely’.
  37. Noe: A Polonysian name meaning ‘mist of heaven’.
  38. Nova: A Latin name meaning ‘new’.
  39. Pia: A Latin name meaning ‘pious or reverent’.
  40. Rain: An English weather name.
  41. Raven: An English animal name. If this is up your street, check out our list of gothic baby names.
  42. Raya: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘friend’.
  43. Shae: A Gaelic name meaning ‘admirable’.
  44. Sky: For a little one who’s going to have her head in the clouds.
  45. Sora: A Japanese name meaning ‘sky’.
  46. Suki: A Japanese name meaning ‘beloved’.
  47. Suri: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘princess’.
  48. Tiva: A Native American name meaning ‘dance’.
  49. Ura: An Indian name meaning ‘the heart’.
  50. Vida: A Spanish name meaning ‘life’.
  51. Viva: A Latin name meaning ‘alive’.
  52. Yoko: A Japanese name meaning ‘good and positive’.
  53. Zara: Of English origin referring to a blooming flower.
  54. Ziv: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘brilliance or light of God’.
  55. Zuma: Of Arabic origin meaning ‘peace’.

What are some simple names for girls?

Just because a name is to the point doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Even the simplest short female names have beautiful meanings behind them.

  1. Ada: Of German origin meaning ‘noble one’.
  2. Alma: A modern name meaning ‘nourished and kind’.
  3. Bay: Of English origin meaning ‘reddish-brown’.
  4. Becca, Becky: A Hebrew form of Rebecca meaning ‘tied’.
  5. Beth: A form of Elizabeth meaning ‘consecrated to God’.
  6. Della: Of German origin meaning ‘nobility’.
  7. Dora: Of Greek origin meaning ‘gift’.
  8. Eve, Evie: Of English origin ‘life’.
  9. Faith: Along with Hope, this is one of the most common virtue names.
  10. Grace: A Latin name meaning ‘God’s grace’.
  11. Iris: Of Greek origin meaning ‘rainbow’, and also a beautiful flower.
  12. Ivy: Like the ivy plant. This name is also great for Christmas babies.
  13. Jade: Of English origin referring to the precious stone.
  14. Jill: Of Latin origin meaning ‘girl’.
  15. Julie: A Latin name meaning ‘youthful’.
  16. June: Of Latin origin relating to the sixth month of the year.
  17. Kim: Of English origin meaning ‘royal fortress’.
  18. Kitty: Of Greek origin meaning ‘little cat’.
  19. Lily: Of Greek origin referencing the flower.
  20. Lisa: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘consecrated to God’.
  21. Lucy: Of English origin meaning ‘of the light’.
  22. Maggie: Of Greek origin meaning ‘child of light’.
  23. Mara: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘bitter’.
  24. Mary: Of Latin origin meaning ‘of the sea’.
  25. Molly: An old nickname for Mary.
  26. Nell: Of Greek origin meaning ‘light’.
  27. Nora: Of Latin origin meaning ‘honorable one’.
  28. Oona: Meaning ‘one’.
  29. Oria: A Greek name meaning ‘from the Orient’.
  30. Paige: A French name meaning ‘assistant’.
  31. Risa: Of Latin origin meaning ‘laughter’.
  32. Rosa, Rose: Perhaps the most famous flower in the world.
  33. Rumi: A Japanese name meaning ‘beauty’.
  34. Ruth: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘friend’.
  35. Sarah: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘princess’.
  36. Sasha: Of Greek origin meaning ‘protector’.
  37. Tess: A short version of Teresa or Esther.
  38. Thea: Of Greek origin meaning ‘gift of God’.
  39. Tori: A Japanese name meaning ‘bird’.
  40. Uma: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘nation’.
  41. Una: Of Latin origin meaning ‘one’.
  42. Vicky: Of Latin origin meaning ‘victory’
  43. Yori: A Japanese name meaning ‘reliable’.
  44. Yuna: A Japanese name meaning ‘kindness’.
  45. Zadie: Of Arabic origin meaning ‘prosperous’.

They say that good things come in small packages and names are no exception. The simplicity, rhythm, and tone of these short baby girl names might be perfect for your little one.

And why not check out our long list of short boy names as well?

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